Monday, November 2, 2009

break , fall , end of story

do you always wonder what life has ahead of you ? whether the decisions we make is right ? i get that alot nowadays over thinking and just being plain paranoid . i dont know why im this way but i always want to be prepared to make sure i dont fall and break in pieces .

lots of stuff to do like homework , and finals are at the end of this month . but the great thing is i get to go for ice skating this thursday ! :D and its a class ! hehe . the only bad news ruining this whole thing is that i might not be able to change my subject . you would ask " why did i pick that subject when i know i dont want to " mainly cause dad kept on persuading to take it and all cause seriously if i were to take all those subjects i would die.

this is andrew ! (: she's hot aint she ? ( btw thanks for all your hard work )

HISTORY ~ ENGLISH ~ CAREER STUDIES ~ BUSINESS ( which i plan to change to drama) tons of people are complaining that there's tons of work for these 4 subjects . anyways gtg do math . soo geeky


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