Saturday, November 14, 2009

it adds up to one big explosion ..

havent been blogging lately . mainly cause my finals are coming soon so i dont think i'll be blogging as much as i used to just for now that is . the stupid thing is prom is coming up before the exams so i have no idea how people are suppose to have fun and relax really . my brothers birthday is tomorrow , though he doesnt go online at all but anyways

happy birthday lil bro !

we're having haegen dass ice cream cake tonight (: prepare to become fatt !! and i got him the most expensive gift i have ever gotten for anyone . gahh he must like it i tell you , this is all coming out from my savings . anyways today we had the school's open day so went to school did the band performance and then went out to pyramid , got my brothers gift and got home .

tomorrow will be a very busy day .. i was really looking forward to relax this week but i guess thats just not happening anytime soon . -.- have tons of assignments and homework to do and further more the orchestra performance and drama practice will be on for longer hours . haihh .. its just a very busy month ..

xoxo's !

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