Monday, November 16, 2009

the night was just perfect .. meant for two

the day before yesterday i was celebrating my bro's birthday (: bought some haagen dazs ice cream cakes!!

it was just an unforgettable night and event .. <3

the empty parking lot with a sesat girl (:

my family !!
i just find it so cute (:

yesterday i had my orchestra , after not attending it for so long .. then right after that i rushed home to get home to change , bath and get ready for the Royal Charity Gala Night it is an orchestra that took place in the klcc convention centre last night. i went there with nicholas , after that had dinner at madam kwan's and walked outside of klcc to just see the view . it has been some time since the last i was there.

Camwhore !!

pushh !! xD

this pic is just soo cool (:

this is how it looks like (: so awesome

it was soo funny the parking lot was like totally empty , nick and i was like playing with the echo's and stuff haha . it was soo retarded . then left and send me home . i think i reached home bout 12 :30 ? haha but i still manage to wake up for school and stuff and surprisingly i wasnt that tired when i was in school.


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