Thursday, November 5, 2009

i just wanna be free ..

went for ice skating today . lol at first it was fun but after that i just started getting tiring and kinda boring . got 2 blisters at my foot as a souvenir for not skating for super long (: oh yea before i forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAN EN !she's old now (:

sadly i have no time for myself lately . i just wanna go out and party rite now . either that or just sit by the beach and just stare into space . thats what i really wanna do rite now . prom is coming up and so as finals . most probably have to read up the previous work . got a couple of assignments to complete . well now having the urge to watch jennifer's body ! though i dont usually watch horror's but i doubt im gonna miss this one .

xoxo's !

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