Wednesday, November 18, 2009

life is filled with lies

Math had been weird. lol just felt as if i was in pre school again , playing blocks and using them to relate to math . At time i believe my school is like a kindergarden cause we have so many colourful pictures up on the boards xD . never really look like a high school to me .

i think i manage to get over myself . well just a lil sad thats all . anyways finals are coming soon , with my drama performance , orchestra , band , my assignments are due, and prom . im have just been stressing out cause im trying to cramp all this stuff by the end of next week . all these things are due next week . and i seriously am blank right now ..

i cant spend to much time blogging .. but i will once i got the time
( sorry i have been kinda down lately , its just everything is happening so fast )

xoxo's !

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