Saturday, November 7, 2009

i dont want this moment to ever end

nothing really matter's unless i choose what i really want in my life . . .

yesterday i went out with wan en and the others to pyramid . had a fabulous time with them , we watched the traveller's wife and gosh it was super sweet the whole movie . it might be kinda corky but still towards the end it was really nice . i nearly cried . lol i give the movie a 8/10 (:

Happy birthday babe (: hope you had as much fun as i did when we went out . haha most of the time i was laughing when your around . although i spent well all my money during the outing but i guess it was worth it ;)

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En said...

now i found your blog~
u know i have to go through like....4 or 5 links to come here XD
(u took the pics from facebook?)
(u are older :p_