Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i think im falling for you ...

hey i have been really exhausted nowadays with me having pe everyday is very tiring and we just came back from an obstacle course in broga . the flying fox was kinda scary due to the height but it was fun (: but now im suffering from a strain neck , aching body and bigger panda eyes . so im not sure whether it was such a good thing or not .

dont think i can take it if this go on every single day . lol my body parts might break off from my body xD . anyways to my friend ratri hope you'd get well soon . take care of yourself yea ? i feel so grouchy nowadays due to my aching and tired up body . i'll try to get up on my feet to keep on blogging yea ?

" open up your eyes , cause the girl your looking for might be nearer than you think " dont loose the chance when you have it . take every opportunity that's offered to you.

xoxo's !

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