Saturday, August 8, 2009

everything is about you ..

last night i was pulled into going out with my cousin's family with my auntie to go out to some old people's night pub in bangsar. lol they were telling me arent i having so much fun ?? i was like like suree ( being sarcastic ) weeeee !! hahaha . but it was super gay where some of the old man dancing. my cousins and i couldnt stop laughing. got home bout 1 something and slept at 2 something.

today was more of a cousin outing . went to sunway with amanda and manju. all together we spend bout 7 hours in the mall lol going shopping , lala land and the theatre's . FINALLY i managed to watch transformers and it was awesome (: though the movie was quite long but it was great.

we sort of camwhored and i saw this real nice dress more for casual than formal. but they dont have my size no more. and if i really wanted it i would probably have to order it online. even then im not sure whether they will ship it to malaysia.

i'll post the rest of the pics later. toodles !


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