Friday, August 28, 2009

i make'em good girls go bad !!

i really dont know what to blog about cause most of my days now is good but its same old same old . but if somethings up i'll blog about it (: im waiting for the final destination to come out and most probably gonna finish up my homework and watch BRING IT ON ! (:

i hate knowing that your not going to be there for me , knowing that i have lost everything that i've worked for , got in trouble for all the boundaries that i broke and its all because of you. Sometimes i wonder were you that blur not to know ? or did you just choosed to ignore it .

xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

Looks like everyone is out of ideas what to blog about...sigh.

rina said...

lol yeah . well nothin much has been happening and im running out of topics