Thursday, August 27, 2009

im in love with stacy's mom ! (:

im feeling alot better now after sleeping for so long . im probably so dead yesterday due to lack of sleep and suddenly jumping , climbing , running , carrying , and pulling for the whole day might have scared my body (:

now after sleeping so long i didnt manage to do my homework at all , now im catching up with all the homework and boy do i feel like stopping . just thought i blogged for awhile haha an excuse to stop me from doing my homework i suppose ? anyways i have to get back to my work , and tmrw is dress up day ! . lol its a merdeka theme . so following the colours of the flag (:

a friend said that i really look sick in the photo that i just posted up , haha i really hope i dont look that sick . all because of pe ! i can show you the number of things we did and i think you'll drop dead too .

" when selfishness and pride gets in the way , everything leads to forgiveness " dont loose what you have now .


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