Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tonight's gonna be a good night !

im BACK!!!
gosh i went for camp yesterday and just came back and currently in school. The whole thing was fun and stupid. i love the waterfall it was beautiful (: and when we dip into that cool water after hiking for so long was fantastic . but after that everything fell apart. when we got back we played with the frisbee and tug of war. later when it hit nightfall it started to rain. everywhere was full. my tent was filled with water, 5 people's stuff and some mashed banana and oreo so you know how disgusting it was.

my tent dont have that rain sheet so we put another then over the tent but it didnt help much. The water manage to make its way into the tent but ratri was the one that was wet (: i slept in the middle. it wasnt comfortable at all but i was too tired to care. thanks for the call ;) . anyways then later at 5 something my friends phone rang and i woke up. gosh it seems that it was her alarm so with my sepet eyes i went through her bag to find her phone to shut it up. so i didnt really have a good sleep so i became really cranky. All we did while waiting for the bus to come was clean up and hang out by the river. haha worst sleeping experience ever !

later ! sorry if im being soo spoiled. just cant stand the fact i didnt have my sleep (:
xoxo's !

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