Sunday, August 23, 2009

i am nothing without you ..

funny thing is my holidays are ending and for you guys its just starting . now that isnt fair . (: anyways school is starting tomorrow for me that is . well my holidays arent that interesting but i've watched the proposal with my mom in ou (: it was a really good movie to me i'll rate it a 9 / 10 .
the other day i went to sunway pyramid with my mom when we actually suppose to go to ou to watch the proposal . since the planning was so last minute and i have to get home by 4 for my music classes the only movie where we can watch was dance flick and omg it was the worst movie ever. i only liked the beginning and after that it was horrible. i'll rate it a 0.5 / 10 . and the funny thing is i watched this with my mom . after watching the movie half way i asked my mom to ditch it . its soo embarassing watching it with her especially the fact that it is a very stupid movie .

later went to eat at bubba gump , well it was my first time there so didnt know what to eat and the selection of drinks and food is really limited . quite disappointed but some of the food was good but its not up to the standards of the pricing . after hearing from friends that it was the best and all turns out it was something like fridays & chilis but i rather pick that compared to bubba gump . i have no problems with it just that they mainly serve shrimp and steak . (:

oh before i forget : HAPPY BIRTHDAY RATRI !! (:

i'm kinda mad at a certain someone right now but since its his birthday :


he's the dude on your right

i met up with jenny in the morning to get ratri's birthday gift and the funny thing was we went to toys r us and they had ugly elmo's (: soo we were looking and looking then saw this flatten elmo that is in a flat box . we thought hey thats cute and it will be easier for us to wrap it up and all so yea and we got her a big lollipop to go along with it. it was suppose to deflate after that once you open the plastic covering. anyways when we got to ikea to meet up with the birthday girl she was a wee bit late .

plus jenny and i was pretty hungry and we dont think we could wait so we went to eat at italianies restaurant . after that we met up with ratri and her group of friends from sayfol and when we present her gift we saw in a plastic bag . it seems that one of her friends bought the the same thing . well our elmo is bigger but still . she got her an elmo and the same big lollipop . so now she has 2 of them . haha (:

im kinda addicted to this song <3
i dont want this moment to ever end
where everything's nothing without you
i'll wait here forever just to...
to see you smile cause its true
i am nothing without you

through it all i made my mistakes
i stumble and fall but i mean these words
i want you to know
with everything i wont let this go

these words are my heart and soul
i'll hold on to this moment you know
cause i bleed my heart out to show
and i wont let go

there's more to the song but not gonna post the whole lyrics here . (:
try to give a wild guess what song it is .

i've miss you guys alot lately . <3

xoxo's !

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