Monday, December 22, 2008

sometimes i wish i could save you

well today i got my uniform and school books . haha it was so funny
i look like some small kid in my uniform . xD a lil girl
lol im gonna miss srikl and the people in it .
i'll promise to visit kayy :D well if i can that is
hmmm i miss my chika , babes , dudes and everyone :( soo sadd
well maybe you can laugh at a couple of pics

and a happy new year :)

if there is anything you guys can call yea :D

oh yeah i went out yesterday with the ob people , :D
nicole , tristan , teddy , shen yeow , jimmy , vinod , asad ,
yu yang , chun quan and jeffery
didnt take much pics but it should do .
andrien :D
teddy & tristan lol btw all these pics was
all taken without them realizing
we were in chilies :D

shen yeow . :D former red hse capt

tristan stonning .. woooah

nicole darling :P

my uniform :D

my p.e clothes xD

xoxo's :)

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