Tuesday, December 16, 2008

to the spammers in my blog

first to issac . I'm really disappointed in you . you were my friend and this is how your gonna treat me . lying to your girlfriend for what ? . you know the truth issac . only you could fix this . its already bad enough that I'm being accused for things i didn't do . and this wasn't the first time . this is why i didn't wanted to be friends with you anymore . okay you always asked . now there is your truth .
secondly charmaine . your mind is seriously twisted . i don't really know what you want from me . knowing that you mix with cheryl is bad enough . she was the one that wanted me to break off with my bf . and now knowing that she is your friend? so that's where your getting all the lies . i really don't know what to say to you people . but I'm pretty disappointed that you cant even get your fax straight . did you see anything ? NO . but you accuse me for something i didn't do . and you continue trying to piss me off . for what ? whats the prize ? . you people have problems and issues . go see a counsellor .
third cheryl . i really want to know . you really like engkit that much to break me off huh . well your wish came true i guess. but that's not the reason why we broke off . and actually he was a nice guy . he didn't do anything to hurt me . but you . just try to ruin everything that im trying to do right . why ? . if he was that bad why help me . why not just leave me be . because you were just jealous that you cant have engkit for yourself . you form 5 ppl got issues . seriously .
thats all i've got to say . if you would pls bug off . i would appreciate it . i really dont want to know you nor hear from you again . whatever it is . it is in the past . so there is nothing you can do . if you want to claim that your right . okay . whatever . your just wasting my time .

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