Wednesday, December 10, 2008

life is back to normal

teddy , nicole , shimri , me :D

first things first , charmaine , your bloody getting married with him why soo scared ? he is willing to marry you isn't that enough ? and secondly of all ppl in the world i wouldn't pick issac kay . he is a friend to me and for your info i haven't been talking to him like for ages . okay so why me? . the info your getting from might be from someone who just wants to get me . so please get a good source to get your info cause seriously i have nothing to hide .

i can admit every damn shit . cause if you wanna ask all my best friends they would know . no one in the rightful mind had ever slap me . and i wouldn't want him please . i have better taste than that . no offence . I'm sorry issac i have to convince your gf . bloody hell she is crazy . you freaking pissing me off . so bugg off my blog . your not invited . and i seriously pity issac . and i dont wanna get involve in your freaking relationship problems so please leave me out of this .

anyways back to me and missing ob . well so far i have been keeping contact with everyone i think . if you all still havent add me yet put it up in my chatterbox okay :P OB was great . meeting soo many people and at least i know how to set a camp in the first place . haha i wanna go back to ob it was just too much fun . hope I'll see all of you back in ob ! haha then it will be like a reunion

okay so far my life is back to normal . all these weird ppl finding problems with me was one . second was just going out . hanging with friends . around there . i think I'm taking science stream . but still not sure what i wanna be . dangerous . haha i wanna see all my babes , monkeys , donkeys , all of them . keep in touch yeah :D .
I'm out I'll be online so if anything I'll be there kay .
love yeah !

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