Monday, December 15, 2008

NZ people !

yesterday my nz friends : zhong , zheng , julian , and rachel came to visit me in the afternoon . we watched a movie in my bro's room . talked a little here and there and we went swimming . lol it was kinda lame but okay . then later went to a mamak stall for awhile to have a drink then head home . bath and got ready to go to my cousin 16 birthday .

haha then my nz friends came for the party . got some pictures
they look like koreans . haha it was soo hard to get them to take a picture . and
zheng cannot be a future photographer . lol

my family :P

she loves mee haha
fishyyy !

darlling cousin

julian and zheng
( they are gay ) haha

sweet 16
birthday girll

manjuu :D

zhongg :)
why you keep staring xD zhonng :P

zhonng ;D

me and zhong

xoxo's :D

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