Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aaron Johnson

hey sorry havent been blogging for awhile . internet was down .
anyways a couple of days ago friends and i went out to sunway after collect results . soo we watched angus , thongs and perfect snogging . and i tell you omggg the guy is sooo hott! Robbie is his character in the movie and his real name is aaron johnson haha .
the ppl that went out was myra , me , eelin , su mae , neal , nigel , nicholas khoo , rachel , mun ching , and a couple more
goshh me , lin , su mae , mun ching was going crazy lol we started screaming and the passers by are giving us that look . haha . then we played at the arcade xD i played the dancing game machine with myra and god my foot hurts after that . cause the thing dont wanna detect when we were dancing soo we had to hit real hard and sometimes we hit the metal part soo yeah practically my foot bruised haha .
after the dancing thing some of my friends hid my slippers. lol i was walking around and round for my slippers barefooted . then went home end of that day .

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