Sunday, December 21, 2008

spirit of love , toil and sacrifice

hey guys sorry bout the post earlier and all
its just that these ppl wouldn't want to leave me alone
and well blackmailed me in a way
annoying shits . sorry for the use of language though
anyways i went out with the ob ppl yesterday in ou
well actually our outing didn't really worked out perfectly
so i kinda blame myself for this
haha anyways erm we watch yes man ! and ate in chillies
the movie was funny though

anyways sorry guys , kuan lin , tristan , shen yeow
you know with the whole complications stuff
lol i think the next outing i should get someone else to plan it
haha not gonna be me no more :D

anyways i forgotten to camwhore there so no pictures
:( nvrm I'll try to get them next time
well that's bout it . haha good night ppl
xoxo's !

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