Thursday, December 11, 2008

the new open road .

getting back to life
I'm still missing ob
my friends in srikl and ob
everybody that means alot to me
keeping in touch with everyone
is a lil hard but can work
I'm moving to a new society
with a whole new start
just back to square one
moving forward to a better future

yesterday my mom , bro , and i went to putrajaya to make my bro's ic . lol he is a big boy it seems haha . so after that as we were finding a way to get home we passed by this wetland . suppose to be like this bird park and all . so just went to check it out . we went to the tower and later saw flamingo's hahaha they were PINK lol xD really cute

lol here are some pictures . it was kinda difficult to take pictures but i think i manage to :D

we ate Japanese for lunch . my mom and i haven't ate breakfast and lunch so we were really hungry . my bro took my gameboy sp . yesh without me knowing till we went out .
so called big boy haha.
my family and i are going for dinner with julian's family
tonight so I'll be away .
later got piano and violin class so I'll also be away .

mom , me and my bro ( half face )

mom , bro and i
was blurr xD .

happy family !
wished my dad came too . but he was too busy
anyways I'm going off I'll blog more later bout the dinner
and i didn't go for prom .
well wasn't in the mood
sorry guys .
well the ones i promised
later guys !
love yeah

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