Saturday, September 27, 2008

happy times !

I'm seriously bored . cant wait till pmr is totally over . till then i will express my boredum haha . nawwh just kidding . okay yesterday i saw this pretty person . I'm not gonna say the name but you can give a guess . on my chatterbox . haha winner gets a kiss from the person .


happy holidays people ! especially to the malays

okay pmr is near . study study study

me and lin went to the gym yesterday . we were suppose to take pictures

but i guess we forgot . nvrm there is always a next time


i will be by your side till the time comes for me to leave . never again will i see your face . your smile .and laughter . it will all just end and later forgotten . love is nothing but a feeling . till i met you . you've shown me what it really meant . im not sure how long it will last . but i know one day he will be with me till my time comes . when im old . he said i will never leave you . and i will always be there for you .

the meaning when a guy commits his love for you

he will die for you . he is willing to give up everything for you .

later people ! i will be back after pmr . i think . byee

xoxo love yea lots !

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