Sunday, September 28, 2008

never give up !

this morning my dad woke me up at 7 to work out . though i was awake
i felt lazy to go so early so i said NO . i doze off on my bed till 9:30 then
got ready to go to the gym . i was looking high and low for him but he was
no where to be found . so i thought to go myself . then i realize that the bicycle
was missing so i walked there . then spot my dad and he gave me the bicycle .
when i was about to work out these old ladies were staring at me . haha it felt
weird . then i just stretched and work out a little . cause this old lady was hogging

the tread mill . anyways i just figured i left .

failed attempt no. 1

failed attempt no. 2

slightly better than the first 2 :P

got home watch the MUMMY 3 and ate breakfast at the same time . went to my room studied for awhile . did some exercises and here i am . bored as hell but i cant wait till
this nonsense is all over . then i can spend wonderful days in a camp . wow . philippe
says I'm spoilt . cause i refused to go there . hmmm end of day perhaps .

great dresses awaits ! i wish i can have them their gorgeous

gotta go ciaos ! .

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