Sunday, September 7, 2008

remember why your holding on to them

nothing much has been happening lately . except that engkit and i officially broke up . well there were reasons to it . hmm it didn't really work out between me and him and we were walking our separate ways so i suppose i was best being single . well and try to enjoy life . so far I'm studying as hell . till pmr is over i will not stop then once this whole exam is over I'm going to continue finishing reading the final book BREAKING DAWN . haha well cant wait for that . and so as the up coming movie of twilight . though went the year is through I'm gonna miss my mates , friends , EVERYTHING . so I'm gonna do my best to make these last few months the best months to spend with my friends .

ok gonna stop talking about that now . lately I've been working out haha . with eelin and well during my free time i will do it myself . just to keep in shape . nothing to detailed . the older post was abit emo-ish well . i had my time to forget about it . so far its working out for me . slowly though . maybe in time that will come i will realise that he wasn't really the one for me . though he will still be special . but i will find my ways to get around it and just put it in the past . not gonna be blogging alot these few days due to my pmr . but i will promise to blog more after this .

anyways gotta go . study study study . LOL and goodluck to you guys that are taking pmr , spm and the final exam . good night .


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