Sunday, September 14, 2008

everything i have ever wanted was to be with you

today . i promised to be myself and just study the hell out of me for pmr and nothing is or will spoil my concentration . sadly after this I'm just gonna have my last few months in srikl then I'm leaving . i will come back but its not for long . i hope i will be remembered and never forgotten . i apologize to my readers for reading my sad stories but this is what I'm going through . so far i have started to think of you less and looking towards reality . well this is life . nothing is fair in this world . so i better start facing the real world .

cause nothing can last no matter how much you want it . sometimes you think you have found the guy that can last you forever . but it doesn't always turn out the way its suppose to be . i have become fond of seeing you everywhere and idk why . its like i would always see you everyday but you'll never look and me and neither would i . not a hi . not a smile . just a nobody passing through the hallway .

but you know at the end you will loose something more than you thought you knew . and when you start regretting you cant change a thing . i feel weird these couple of days . like I'm not myself . i might not be like the other girls that is only showing the best sides of themselves but you haven't seen everything yet . you have seen every part of my personality . anyways its time for me to log out .

the three big words is a very strong word to say . so an advice don't give up so soon . then you'll end up like me . people has always seen the best side of me but here is where i express everything out . every bad thing I'm facing ends up here . just to release my feelings towards whatever it is . so whoever is reading this don't think of me badly or look at it the wrong way . its just a feeling nothing more and nothing less .

nights . love you guys

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