Friday, September 19, 2008

finding each and every puzzle

i know I'm suppose to study now but I'm just in the mood for blogging .. :D
ok hmm lets see
on Wednesday philippe , derrick and i went to the gym near my house to work out
but guess what we only used the gym for maybe half and hour or so
i took candid pictures so shhh..
after that we went swimming haha it was ok
at least i wasn't stuck at home just studying all day
the weird part was that my brother and my mom came to the pool and swim too
they thought I'm dating 2 guys at the same time
haha it was awkward
then later we left for home and so did they
cause the pool was getting too crowded
today was a bummer ..
i felt so tired
just don't know why
then eelin and i are suppose to work out in the school gym today
but i drag her out of it cause i felt tired xD
I'm sorry dear ! i didn't wanted to be alone haha
don't be mad yea
i hid her clothes haha
then i got home feeling all bushed up just sat in front of the tv
and watch for an hour
then here i am blogging haha
so far this is a little new to me
and it feels weird
well i feel different in a good way
oh well ..
anyways here are some pictures to enjoy well its nothing much but i hope its something

in the tiny gym :)
derrick and philippe if you can spot them
he can carry weights .
good night ! xoxo..

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