Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the end of the road ..

when we were once one .. you told me we were never be apart .. looking through back in the days .. its like all the flashback coming on my way .. walking through this part isn't easy .. but i have to try to fight all of our memories .. everywhere i go is a memory .. and its never gonna leave .. all the negative emotions are in me .. trying to throw them all away .. i may look happy on the outside .. but in the inside i keep all these things in my mind .. sometimes people ask why am i stoning .. cause all sorts of questions that i keep on asking and is never answered ..

its like we wrote our promises in a piece of paper .. then when we are through with each other .. it is then crumple and thrown away .. later you come back and took those promises with you .. why ?? maybe its because you wanted to keep it a secret .. or maybe just to yourself .. but deep inside you cared .. and by keeping that piece of paper you hope for he / she to come back .. maybe you keep it for the memories .. nobody knows ..

don't ask why i am this way .. cause just a few days ago i was ok .. till i came to pass by .. seeing that everythings ok .. but not me .. i may have my friends and family but i can never have what we used to have anymore .. i thought we had something .. something that couldn't be separated for any reason .. but then all the promises and things we had has to be thrown away cause it has reached its ending point .. this is where hearts are broken and left like that .. they may come back but it might not seem to be what it is ..

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