Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've got part of the truth from you . i may not know the rest and the reasons . but i really felt heart broken . i wasn't suppose to be sad today . but it ended up like that . what you think may not always be right . till you get the truth from me . anyways now back to the charity fiesta . i had a great time for the first couple of hours . but sadly i didn't even went in the haunted house . i know people says its stupid and all but whatever it is I'm just curious how its looks like for myself . but on my way there i found someone . and that's when i ditch my friends sorry about that guys . just couldn't take it .

anyways i couldn't really buy or even play anything cause there were tons of people . well basile won me a cute teddy bear thanks :D and i won myself a fish xD i even went for that dunking thing . its was really fun . and hard to believe but my brother dunk me xD . hahaha i gave all the wet hugs to my friends after the dunking hahaha . sorry but its funny to see you all wet . after that myra , sumae and i shared money to dunk mr.chew it was so funny . sumae was great she gave one shot and he fell down haha . hilarious . i walked up and down , everywhere around the school and my legs were aching . but it was worth . i played 2 or 3 games and i couldn't even win 1 token . hahaha oh well . that's all I've gotta say for now . :D byee guys !!

i got my little fishy haha with siew ling ( siewpau ) nickname

mr.chew got dunk by sumae , myra and i

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Amir said...

For your fellow Cyrens at Cheer 2008