Friday, July 25, 2008

the time of my life

today was not bad scary but ok :D i woke up at 6 to practise my violin .. before going for the exam .. goshh .. i couldn't remember alot of my scales but i remembered some .. got out of bed .. left home and went to the grand blue wave hotel for my exam .. i had to be there half and hour earlier soo i left around 9 and got there around 9:30 .. i can feel my heartbeat so fast .. as we went up the lift .. when i arrived i sign myself in and tune up my violin .. and who knew time pass so fast .. it was already 10 and it was my turn to get in the examination room .. goshh i missed a couple of notes .. my scales and my aural test was fine .. before i went out of the room i saw my marks and i passed xD thank god :D

later on i went to school . cause i didn't know what to do at home xD haha then i saw myra crapping for the IGCS test hahaha she was like freaking out .. then later the guys was decorating the board at the back cause they ruin it .. and it really looks funny .. ill get you guys a photo for you all to see or .. come to 3 B and take a look at it :D .. i later met up with engkit . we went to pizza hut and then went back .. haha it was a little awkward being there hahaha . with some of his friends xD so thats my day :D

in pizza hut (taken by g.e.k. ) haha

I'm batman ~!

these are the pictures on prita's birthday .. it finally came after soo long hahaha :D

pei , me and eelin
hahaha just having fun
happy birthday prita :D