Sunday, July 20, 2008

the day has just start getting better

the hamster that was at my dads place
at the garden expedition
there was a funny photo of him but he made me promise not to put it up

today was ok my exams are over for now :D haha .. hmmm lets see .. after school i got hungry so eng kit and i went to subway to get some food and we saw these two guys ordering a 5 foot long sandwich haha it was funny i even dared him to order turkey boobs xD hahaha then head back to school .. talk to him for awhile then left .... then i went to kl to see this garden expedition cause my dad's stuff was there .. went to look at the place and i even went for that fish therapy and it was funny cause i couldn't stop laughing .. it was ticklish then after that head home and didn't do anything much after that ..

the next day which is today .. i went out shopping with my mom from one store to the other .. got a couple of things for myself and my dad then went home .. after that i started keeping my new stuff and blog .. hahaa i know my life is a little boring for now :D but it will be better later on i hope :P haha these are a couple of pictures I've got some pictures for you all to see :D

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