Friday, July 4, 2008

the greatest mistake

i do admit that i still think about " you know " but at the same time trying to move on .. someone told me that its better being together with someone in total opposite cause he / she is very different from you and that's what keeps you together .. fighting is part of caring .. you know that you do care for that special someone but its just a different way of showing it.. not trying to be emo but I'm trying to face a fact .. well i believe that its never to late to start anything .. whether your learning or its a part of life that we all have to go through .. i may never know what and why you do it but i know everybody does things for a reason .. i bet all of you that i share my thoughts with must get a little bored with me going through this but i have no one else that understands me at all .. this is my little place where i can just express myself so .. whatever i say here stays here .. and it wont change any part of our lives

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