Friday, July 4, 2008

does your horoscope tells the truth ?

The Bottom Line
If you want to get to the truth today, you have to ask. Unleash your real boldness.
In Detail
You might get annoyed, today, by someone who just can't get to the point! They will be hemming and hawing, flattering and fawning, then cracking jokes. Why? Because they are too afraid to spit it out! It looks like if you want to get to the truth about what they think or what they want, you need to come right out and ask them point blank. They might be surprised by your boldness, but they will probably be relieved that you are ready to hear what they have to say.

haha i wonder whatever it says here is the truth .. xD btw this is todays horoscope & sorry for being so lame :D its just me to be that way .. haha sometimes i wonder whether these stuff are actually true .. oh well lets just leave it that way .. okie back to facts.. i can walk already :P hmmm need to study more .. if i recover soon then cheer 2008 watch out cause this cheerleader is not backing out .. :) goodnight people !!

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