Saturday, July 5, 2008

should i give up on cheer ??

i have been waiting for this day to come .. i mean sherlyn is good ( replacement ) but should i leave ? .. is it better for me to leave the cheer squad? ... i have worked so hard and missed a couple of lessons just for cheer and now it ends up like this .. i know exams are coming up soon and i have tons of other things to do but .. just because of my ankle meaning i should give up on everything i have worked on ? .. maybe its for the better .. i don't know yet .. but i am willing to give up cheer if its for the better for me and the squad .. girls if I'm not there I'm sorry for all the bruises that i have cause during our practices and i might not be the best flyer but thanks for being there .. good luck for cheer .. i have to hand in my costume soon so i thought just have a couple of pictures with it before i let it go ..

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