Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm addicted to you !

havent been updating lately cause i was just not in the mood to blog.

well couple of days ago i had the first cheer practice for my school. was really satisfied with what we manage to accomplish after just 1 and a half hours ? and its most of their first time ever doing cheer. thanks leexian for helping me teach the new people . it's really difficult but we made it through . and thanks cheerleaders for coming that day . it was a real good practice and waiting to see you guys for the next practice.

other than that i went to hana's house to finish of the english assignment and i managed to edit it the following day . gosh her dogs were huge but so adorable . this is probably the 2 week or 3 week since i've seen my baby . gosh miss him soo much but i cant do anything about it . well thats all really , other than that nothin much happen . just another week of more school :/