Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i want your horror, i want your disease !

i cut my hair !! its not a bad hair cut but it sure is short . much shorter than before . will post the picture for the next post (: sadly my fingers are sore from trying to pick up the guitar after playing for bout an hour ? as for my cheer team . im really not sure cause some of the people are not commited as i wished they were . and im only with 11 people including myself . ish this is hard

i think for this whole week im not gonna go for any extra activities . i have been sooo tired and get headaches after school . at times i feel like throwing out . dont know why i feel this way for the past couple of days when im done with school . probably just tired i guess.

now im freaking out cause my partner for the civics project still havent pass up his part of the project to me . i dont know how i am gonna put it together if he's not done with his. geez im so done with mine but i cant print until i got his . and even if i gotten his work i still have to edit it . further more civics is during the first period . somebody kill me XO.

was also look at super hot heels but sadly i'm not sure if i'll be able to walk in them due to the height . yes i dont usually walk in heels so imagine my heel is 10cm high . probably dying to my feet. it aint cheap either so not sure if i should get it .

i'm dying here without you ...
xoxo's !


PrincessDipti said...

nice.. bad romance. :D

hello dear.. wud u mind if i'll say that plz leave some comments on any of my blog posts? not in the chatterbox.. but in the blog posts itself.. if u dont mind.. i need it for my grade. :) thanks a lot.. i am looking forward for your comment :)

rina said...
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