Sunday, February 21, 2010

the sun is shinning from your bedroom window ..

Saturday ! (:

went out with the family to sunway pyramid to watch the tooth fairy (: it's not bad really i'll give it a 6.5/10 cause the jokes are veryy lame soo sometimes it isnt that funny but its okay . then finally got a guitar for myself but now i'm trying my best to pick it up . practically tried playing it till 9 then talk to the boyfriend till midnight . poor baby (: thanks alot hun . he's super exhausted but still want to layan me .

Sunday !

then as for today i went out with my mom practically the whole day cause she cannot make up her mind -.- ended up walking everywhere and back to the same store twice just to find out bout the types of laptops . and she ended up with a white vaio. goshh this seriously took too long . got soo tired and bored at the same time . this whole week of holidays wasnt as interesting as i thought it would be since everything just didnt go my way well for some of it that is .

better start on chemistry .

xoxo's !

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