Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday !!

well since im just sitting around might as well blog for abit ;) i had school as usual . but stayed back for tennis (: this is like probably the 5th time i have ever played the game. I admit i suck alot at it but im trying . its super tiring cause the wonderful sun decided to be there . LOL i sweat in minutes and that doesnt usually happen.

I got home , since my maid isnt around for awhile my room + house is in a mess practically . The house is sooo big to maintain . i had tons of chores to do and so did my mom . practically she dragged me down with her though i have tons of work and stuff to do .

plus had to take care of my doggie , cat , fish & turtle . LOL eversince she came back today the house is abit more cleaner . i did my part to help now , even learned how to cook in the process. not an easy job i must say and im suppose to go to the gym which i nvr end up going due to all this.

the cheerleading team im gonna put together might just work. all i need to do is make the announcement , the people are there and HARDCORE TRAINING ! haha wish me luck . lets see if we have enough time to participate in the cheer 2010 . lol doubt it but there's always hope (: