Monday, February 8, 2010

it's a bright sunny day !

rock onn !

yesterday was the best day ever (: i stayed at home so learned how to cook from my other grandma from singapore . She's soo cute seriously (: damn adorable , i painted her nails :D haha and she kept on laughing . Then later in the evening i went ping pong with edward then right after that met with the boyfriend (: Thank you hun for the gift ! love you .

The giraffe jump over the moon !

Right after that i headed home from the park and dad just arrived home . had a small family gathering and tonight i'm going out for dinner . goshh since im going to be eating alot while my grandma is stuffing me down with food just finish doing 150 crunches !! (: super tired . played volleyball and ran back . Dont have that much homework . and scored for the history test ! :D

you can say i'm progressing (: really .. life has been good so far after the devastating lost i had . im sure she's up there watching after me to ensure everything happens at the right time and moment . now all thats on the list is practising my violin , study and learn how to play the guitar , and my life would be complete for now that is .

xoxo's ciaos babes ! (: