Monday, February 15, 2010

i won't hesitate !

this is my aunt that made " the look "

lol we're giving " the look " created by my aunt (:

the geeky bf (:

Chinese New Year is a bummer since im not allowed to go visiting i dont see the point in celebrating or going back in the first place other than spend time with my grandparents and a few of my cousins. Didnt manage to keep in touch with the bf, something is really wrong with that boy's phone.

other than that i just came back from melaka and will be going back again on wednesday . since my mom promised me shopping cause we were deciding whether we should be staying in some hotel while we're there but instead the hotels cost a bomb just for 2 nights at least 1k . so mom was like i rather spend that money on you then you'll be able to shop so why not.

the only thing im looking forward this week is being able to spend time with my cousins on thursday if they were to spent a couple of nights in my place and seeing the bf on saturday ! (: for now i have to finish up my homework that's being left behind.

xoxo's !

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