Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you'll be my american boy

okayy school was really stupid . arghh !! i freaking studied for the stupid bio test and she tells me oh there is no test today . wthh !! . soo angry i studied so late and was so tired today . screw her . wthh . im as grumpy as ever . but anyways i had chemistry and english test today too . i think im dead for chemistry though .

sorry guys if i have been soo . you know . just tired . well nothing much happened today . well i might walk my dog then study . again . haih . and take my bath . my cousin and auntie was over at my place last night but i didnt see them due to all the stupid studying .

oh i went to jadan baik , lol with my parents . seems that we're going there for bussiness . well not me but mainly my dad . the place was so cool . big area . a nice big pond and a stream or a small little river . real cool and the place has no mosquito's . the place was a little chilly though .

i wanna join cheer again . goshh sadly my school has no cheer . no tracks . ggahh ! there is a volleyball but no net . hmmmmph . i need to relax . * breaths . hmmm anyways i might blog later if anything interestings come up . laterr ! sorry i have been a little dead these few days .


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