Thursday, February 26, 2009

hey ! wanna wish rena my Japanese twin haha ( well not really ; just the name haha )
hope you'll have a great birthday yeah ?
don't have a pic of her though .
next time yea? ;D
neways . school? same same .
cant wait till the new school opens
and until the sports events that will be coming up in the next term
( i think . well that's what i heard )
feeling so fat ! . everyday no sports no exercise no nothing !.
and now my back hurts like hell .
if i bend a little the pain keeps on coming
friends says maybe i strain my muscle while practising running
well cause the charity run near my place is coming soon .
then dad says i should see a doctor . well i need my jap anyways
the last thing i want is japs . YUCK!!
not to say its gross but it hurts .
haha i know I'm soo old and yet afraid of needles .
well had a very bad experience with it .
still trying to understand addmaths .
i might see the doctor . the hospital such a bad place
well not really but don't really like it .
okay I'll keep up with the updates yea?
later !

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