Thursday, February 19, 2009

feeling satisfied ..

hmmm what a day . i had o'maths test and my a'maths test is tomorrow . and gosh i didnt practise my violin . teacher is so gonna kill me . interesting night . I'm gonna have to start somewhere . now the only hw i have is art and just finish up my book report and I'm done :) . any maybe a lil studying . sadly my final's will be on my bday . hoooray . lol . what a way to celebrate my bday haha .

lol they were playing with my phone ( nahla )

but its still a long time from now . well just 2 more months . lol I'll be reaching the middle part of adult hood . was a lil tired today . especially during my maths . i fell asleep for awhile though . I'll be a lil busy tomorrow. geng geng geng ! . and now my iphone sucks . gahh ! dont know what i did to it .

twilight freaks haha ( jade & akanska )
neways I'll blog up later or something bye bye lovelies !


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