Monday, February 2, 2009

im not gonna waste these words ..

heyy readers . argh sorry for all the spamming stuff . just weird and simply annoying people that wont stop disturbing me . so far my school life is not bad . I'm starting to understand my school work and all . hmm I'll be changing to the other maz in 4 months ! goody . lol . missing myra though . so as my chika and all my srikl buddies . don't loose touch with me yeah ! we'll plan another outing soon . :)

well vinod if you want to know why your name is appearing alot in my blog go to charmaine's blog your answer is there . her blog link is not sure when she is opening back her blog but that's where you'll get your answer okay . and i meant what i said . stop bugging me .

anyways . didn't knew all sorts of people actually reads my blog . very interesting . lol I'm amused . hahaha . lets see . i made apple crumble pie ! :D haha . this time round it wasn't that bad . but i got help from my kakak and daddy :) he was so proud that he could help bake haha xD . i went to the gym yesterday . and gosh soo many people were there at first there was only me and this other person then after i step out i saw at least 10 people in that small lil gym . haha . later i played ping pong with edward and his cousins and went home .

i realize valentine's day is in like 12 more days and my daddy got me like a plastic flower with a small teddy wrapped in it with a heart shape ( pink ) haha . so cute he wanted to be the first person to give my valentine's present it seems :D thanks daddy ! haha . so that makes him no.1 lol and valentine's day is still far away .

I'll upload pictures soon . just kinda tired today . don't really feel like it . further more i have to write an essay . 3 pages !! lol 800 - 1000 words hahaha . let me try to not kill my left hand . oh yeah i visited the new maz and the building is ready but no windows . hope it gets ready soon .

lol i saw such cute accessories but through online got one pic from sherlin chow . its so cute . haha .

that will be on my wishlist . hmmm i think thats all so far :D will blog soon . once i got something :) byee !! xoxo's

mae . mr.chew ( principle srikl ) and me :)

a long time ago :)

hui wen!!
rina's out !

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