Saturday, February 7, 2009

On valentine's day ..

this is like my valentine poetry for english . dont know whether its good but i think it should do . :) vampireee !! jade , michiko , deana , and i are vampires it seems and omama , fahmi is a warewolve . lol haha i bite ! . anyways today was kinda stupid . not really gonna talk about it but , well things happen now dont they . valentine's day is in like 6 days from now . lets see how my new school celebrate valentine's day . :) gtg . got some stuff to do . later .

On valentine’s day I will see roses and chocolates everywhere across the eye can see,
On the 14 of February I will see couples running freely down the meadow,
The hearts of those young and old will celebrate this day as the day of love,
And those claiming their love for one another,

On my valentine’s day I want to see the person I call my dear,
Seeing and appreciating what I have with my loved one,
The times that we’d spend together ,
Through the rough times and good times,

Wishing that it will never end for it to stay forever,
Valentine’s day , a day where those that are lonely get someone special,
A day where they find love,
Committing their love for one another,

The lovebug is convincing when it comes to love,
All it needs is just one little bite and you’ll fall in the depths of love,
It can be dangerous and it can be a thing you wouldn’t give for the world,
Because one cannot live without the other ,

On my valentine’s day I want to spend my day with my love,
Just let the time pass and pray that its not time to go back,
After the day ends you’ll see your love slowly walks away,
But before anything happens, a kiss on the lips and whispers I love you .

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