Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the dream team !

i watch the pink panther 2 the day before yesterday ! lol sorry for the late update though . well my mom woke me up at 8:30 saying we're going out , get changed . so im like yea yea suree . then when im done went to my mom's room and was like asking her . so where are we going ?
oh we're going ou cause your bro wants to watch pink panther 2 . so im like okayy? went there bought a ticket then went in . the movie wasnt bad though .
i'll rate it around 6/10 ?

bla bla bla

lol the funny part was that my brother's tooth came out during the movie when he was eating popcorn . after the movie he manja with my mom . went something like this .

mommy my tooth came out . * plus sad face

neways i got nothing haha but my bro got some games to play. went home then john text me whether im free to go jogging with him . and he wants some tips to run and all . since i was soo free i was like okay why not . he came and omgg . i have to work out more . i felt soo tired. gahhh! . when i was done running . my face was sooo red . and i was sweating like crazyy ! .

anyways later ppl


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