Saturday, December 5, 2009

Greenpets !! GO GREEN !

I'm starting out with my own business (: and they are called Greenpets !
to contribute our part to mother nature , and if your running low on cash for christmas gifts .
this is the best alternative !

Since most of my readers are friends that i know , we can figure out some ways to deliver it .
Greenpets are different types of plants in a bottle
yes it lives in a bottle and you dont have to do a thing ! (:

its grows and takes care of its own !
the only thing you have to do is put it under light ( not direct sunlight )
once the plant grows its roots and becomes too big for the bottle
you can take it out and plant it in your garden or a pot (:

think of it this way its something different (:

for this christmas ! get your friends / family / yourself a greenpet today !
its only for RM 18.80!!
to order it just post your phone number on my chat box
coming soon in Q box - sunway pyramid
there will be an extra charge if you want it wrapped
for this christmas eve

~ Merry Christmas ~

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