Monday, December 14, 2009

love my life ? well you cant have it ! (:

lol you know whats funny ? when people are just sooo lifeless that since they cant comment themselves they come to me . i dont see why they have to do it since i have been to busy caught up with my own life to even care :) soo dude ? get a life ! or probably you just dont have one . soo sorry to hear that yea ? try to get some friends and idk live your life perhaps ?

anyways i have been performing in 1u lately , well a couple of times (: will be going to perform again tomorrow . today went out with mom to the bank to do some errands and then got caught in the jam as we were about to head to 1u to get tickets for the frog princess movie . haha wanted to watch others but it seems my brother was like well weird so he was like the frog princess thing would be better .

btw i didnt edit this photo (: someone tag me

got there and watch the movie . my comment bout it ? its very musical-ish haha has singing in most parts of the movie . till now i still havent watched new moon . haihh hope it doesnt go out of theatre's soon . after that followed mom to burger king cause well she wanted the nuggets there and guess what i met fahmi , faishal , & the others (: haha they seem taller that before and somehow i feel soo small .

talk to them for awhile to just have a short catch up and we all ciao after that . got home and well thats practically my day (: . till tomorrow comes ...

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