Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey guys

Since Rina decided to write something on my blog, I shall do the same here :) Let's hope she doesnt find out about this till like tomorrow or something :)

Well I have no idea what to write here. This shall be an anonymous post but im guessing everyone can figure out who I am just by looking at the title. OOO I shall type out the rap I made for my bear cause I was bored out of my skull in Tasmania :)
What up what up
My name is Bear
Yea I'm purple
So do not stare
Whoop whoop
I smell of lavender
Whoop whoop
I was bought in december
What up what up
My name is....
B-EA-R Bear
Yea so that's kinda it. It's awesome! :) I fell asleep before I could think of anything else. Word of advice, do not got to tassie if you have a choice cause it's sooo boring!!
Dang. I just realised that i do not have any weird pics of Rina in this computer :(
Nevermind. Next time then. Till then BYEEEEEEE.
OHH PS- Rina, Im coming back one date earlier now. Will be back the day after tomorrow but i kinda lost my sim card for my phone i think. :S

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