Friday, April 16, 2010

i'm bringing sexy back !

life has been as much as it could be . as stressful as i am i did manage to loosen up . gahh school is getting so annoying when there are loads of assignments given at once and i have to end up studying too . school used to be way more fun . but ever since the new kids came and the graduates left its just have been that way . school became so weird and awkward . idk really . i just cant wait to graduate and leave the school immediately .

funny thing is i found out my parents actually reads my blog too . haihh . and this is probably recently ? or maybe longer for all i know . well i have nothing to hide fyi (: read all you want . i havent been doing anything wrong . but if i were planning to go clubbing , drinking , doing a tattoo , piercing and all that i'll let you know ;) parents are always paranoid when it comes to the following words . i wonder how it'll be when i eventually become one and end up being terrified at the words .


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