Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hier était juste comme parfait (:

i'm sort of addicted to French right now (: find it sexy . lol anyways had a great day yesterday . Met up with all my friends that i havent being around with ever since i change school . Miss them tons i do agree . but it doesnt feel as awkward as it used to be . maybe cause sports day was usually my thing ? i dont know . lol once again red house won for cheer :D . somehow i still miss srikl in a way . i do like my school, but the only turn of about it is that there's no sports day .

i spent time with my bf (: and gosh havent seen him so pumped up when he's running . LOL practically he was amazing . winning all the short distance running events . lol all of us including me screaming when it was between him and another runner . real close but my baby pulled trough . winning 1st place for every event . real proud of him :D

that was practically my exciting day when the day turns dark , it was movie night with my family . we watched Sherlock Holmes . it was actually pretty scientific and very interesting . well especially for a story like that . rating of 8/10


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