Sunday, April 11, 2010

guess what ?

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary babe ! (:

it's been officially 3 months xD haha it may not be important to anybody else but it is important to me (: loves every moment of it .

i already took the 5 hour lecture . dad doesnt want me to take the lesson till exams are over and during the holidays which will be in like what 2 months ? to me . NO WAY !! lol im going to take the test this sunday and expect to finish and get my licence by may-ish ? lol cant wait .. other than that i met these gay people and you know what . though they can be pretty bitchy but that have a freaking cute attitude and taste in fashion man. LOL mom and i were looking at volvo cars and they were like you should get it . the car is very safe and stuff :D its my first time actually meeting real gays . but they aren't as bad as people describe them to be.


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CassyGurl17 said...

hahaha!! ur funny
im going to follow u on ur blog lmao