Monday, April 19, 2010

I wanna run away !

havent been posting . arghh same as usual . i'm getting damn fed up with my school . its not due to the people there . well just a little few people but not most of em . it's mainly the teachers that are giving tons of work like nobody's business . i mean one for each subject is enough you know . and the project that's given to us its something that would at least take a couple of days to finish due to the fact that you work with in groups . i wanna run away from this school . just can't wait to graduate .

i went to midvalley yesterday to watch " how to train your dragon " 3 - D lol brother wanted to watch it so much so yea . it's okay the only thing bout it is that its just another typical movie where the good guy always win you know . haha but what can you expect its for kids eh ? i would give the movie a rate of 4.5/10 ? lol cause it was in 3-D :) i wouldnt say its the best outing in the world , actually might have been one of the worst but well that's my family . can't do much bout it .



Kaya said...

great pictures !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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